Podcamp Boston

by Greg Cangialosi on August 17, 2006

This week I decided I would participate in Podcamp Boston on September 9-10. Oddly enough, before I had even heard about the event I was planning on being in Boston from the 7th – 10th on business, and also tagging along for the weekend while my wife attends an aromatherapy conference. So, what better way to spend a Saturday and Sunday then meeting some new and interesting people while talking about the new media revolution :-)

The plan and schedule work out great. So after some really early morning fishing with a couple of friends on Saturday, I will be heading over to Podcamp. One of the main things that caught my interest about Podcamp, is the unconference format of the event. Podcastercon was the last event I attended of this style, and I truly enjoyed the raw energy and spontaneous element of the event. I wound up meeting a ton of great people, all of which I am still in active contact with today.

Since I am attending, I have been considering proposing a session to do a little warm up for the upcoming Podcast Academy which will take place later in the month in California. Maybe we can do a session on the ways in which podcasting will be adopted by the corporate and commercial world?

In addition, I have decided that my company, Blue Sky Factory will also be contributing to some of the various initiatives to help support the event. Podcamp Co-founder Chris Brogan of Grasshopper New Media sent me a list of opportunities to help out with, and we are more than willing to help support the efforts of Chris and the rest of the crew who have been working hard to make this event a reality.

If your going to Podcamp drop me a line or a comment. I look forward to seeing and meeting you all.

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Chris Brogan... August 18, 2006 at 5:59 am

I’m thrilled you’re going to be there, and your session suggestion sounds great. Some of the less obvious ways a corporation can use podcasting would be particularly fun, in my perspective. For instance, I’m getting ready to release installation guides for software in audio format.

“Okay, now enter the IP address on page 4 of you stat pack, and then hit enter. If no error comes back, type ping -t and that IP.”

That could be fun. : )


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