Believe It Then You Will See It

Here is some food for thought. This is about simple notion that truly embraces the power of belief and visualization, and how it can have a direct effect on the manifestation of events in ones life.

I was recently visiting my family in New Jersey and my Mother asked me, “Greg, which statement is more accurate, You have to see it to believe it, or believe it then you will see it?” Interestingly, I caught myself quickly responding with the statement that I have so many times found myself saying, “You have to see it to believe it.” I gave the exact response my mom was looking for so that her words would sink in, she looked at me back and said “Really?, think about that for a second.”

Point taken, and with such simplicity. Sure, it goes without saying that there are lots of things that I have said, “I will believe it when I see it” about, like when someone says they will pay a bill they are 3 months behind on, or when the friend who lives across the country is on the phone and says again “I have to come out and see you soon!” but inevitably it never happens. These are mute points compared to the bigger picture of shifting your thought patterns and belief system just a bit. Stay with me here.

Think about the pure shift of that kind of thinking. The switch from believing things only when you see them, to only seeing something if you believe it or can see it in your mind. Ask yourself this, how is your company going to be great if you don’t believe that its truly great both in your heart and mind? How will you achieve the goals you set for yourself in life if you don’t believe that you will, with 100% certainty, achieve them? How are great things going to happen to you if you can’t clearly see them happening, crystalizing your vision of them, believing that they will in fact happen?

The reason this fascinates me and why I am sharing it here is because I have seen direct results of this mindset. Although my initial answer to my Mother indicated my general perception was the opposite, it made me think back through my life, and having always been an entrepreneur, it was clear to me once again that I have had to believe lots of things were going to happen in order to open the door to allow them to happen.

If you are walking through your life with the attidude of “I will believe it when I see it,” it may be worth your time to start thinking from the “Believe it then I will see it” perspective. You may just be surprised about what you will see.

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