Podcast Academy Report

This morning I kicked off the 4th Podcast Academy with a talk dubbed “Lessons from a Corporate Podcast Producer.” I talked about how I got involved with corporate podcasts through my PR agency relationships at Blue Sky Factory, Inc. I also spent some time talking about some key planning considerations for anyone planning a corporate podcast initiative. I also highlighted three of my corporate podcast projects from GM / Pontiac, Verizon Wireless and Ortho-McNeil. All of the audio from my session and all sessions for Podcast Academy will be available very shortly.

The day has been extremely informative, interesting and entertaining. After my session, Kris Smith from Palegroove Studios spoke about good web design for podcasters, followed by Denise Howell with a talk titled, “Navigating the Legal Considerations of Podcasts.” Craig Syverson from gruntmedia, had one of the best looking and flowing presentations all day on planning and implementing video podcasts. I really want to hire him to do my presentations :-)

Tim Street from French Maid TV gave one of the most entertaining presentations on how to virally spread your video podcast, really good stuff. Noah Bonnett gave us an inside look into 88Slide and then he and Rachel Rhodes recorded the intro for this Monday’s episode, which I believe my mug shot will be in.

Alex Lindsay from MacBreak talked deep tech on adding interactivity to video podcasts, then the day is being wrapped right now by Leo Laporte of TWiT as he talks about the transition his organization is going through into becoming a media network thats monetizing.

Hats off to Michael Geoghegan and Doug Kayes of Gigavox Media for putting together another successful Podcast Academy. It was an honor to participate in such a great event.

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3 Responses to “Podcast Academy Report”

  1. Nan Shastry Says:

    I loved your session. It was not only informative but also had SO MUCH STUFF i felt i had to implement immediately. I am honored to have had the opportunity to learn from you, Tim, Michael and the masters. You are the true pioneers on this..


    CEO, Brainy Betty, Inc.

  2. Tim Bourquin Says:

    Great seeing you Greg! Hope to meetup at another event soon.

    Tim Bourquin

  3. Greg Says:

    Nan: Thanks so much! I am glad my experiences were helpful to you! Good luck with everything and don’t hesitate to keep in touch!

    Tim: what can I say? GREAT JOB! you and your team are top notch! looking forward to next year and the extra day :-)



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