ROI Radio: The Launch

Tomorrow, we are launching a new podcast called “ROI Radio.” This is a podcast that I have had brewing in my brain for quite sometime. After finally getting to the point of overthinking the whole concept, I decided to pick up the mic and start recording. The first show was recorded back in late August and we are now ready to launch.

ROI Radio is a podcast about online media, marketing, technology and the broad spectrum of mediums that relate to it. The podcasts will be weekly, with new episodes coming out every Monday. Each show will feature an interview / discussion with CEO’s and senior management of companies that are breaking new ground and defining the online landscape.

The idea behind ROI Radio is to expose listeners to new ideas, interesting and unique people, and cutting edge companies who are making an impact, and developing and defining whats next in online media.

The show is hosted by me, and edited and produced by Andy Mueller. Special thanks to Nicco and Keith for helping set up the new Wordpress blog. The new feed for the podcast is located here.

ROI launches tomorrow October 16th. Happy listening!

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