Thoughts On Apple In The Big Apple

Well, it finally happened. Last weekend I went out to the local Apple store in Towson, MD and bought myself a MacBook Pro. Until last Sunday, I never really ever drove a Mac before, ever. I have been a PC / Windows person my entire computing life, so needless to say, this is a whole new world to me. From the OS interface, the one click mouse, and the overall way the machine behaves, this is different. But, I like it :-)

With the help of my cousin and some friends, I got up to speed pretty quickly on how to get around the Mac, and setting up what is the equivelant of my usual computing environment. Mac style that is. I still don’t have the MS Office Suite linked up to my corporate Exchange server yet, but I know it can be done, so I plan on tackling that next week.

It has been an interesting ride so far. I didn’t even take take the MacBook to the office until Wednesday. I was just so locked to my Dell X 1. I have lived on Dell’s for the past 6 years, every document, email, web page, etc everything I have ever done has been on a Dell. But I went for broke on Thursday…

I am in NYC as I write this. I headed up for business on Thursday and had plans to stay through the weekend. So, Thursday morning before heading to the train station I decided, I am leaving the Dell behind and only bringing the Mac with me. This way I would be living within OS X, and OS X only for at least 4 days.

I don’t need to go into details, most of you already know or can imagine, I am digging it very much. Did I mention that I booted my MacBook last Sunday when I got home from purchasing it and I haven’t rebooted it yet :-) I mean, that alone to a PC / Windows user is unheard of….. almost 7 days and no reboot required??? Using my MacBook on its first boot, even after a week of very active use is like, as my buddy Ryan Irelan would say, “gliding on ice.”

This thing rocks, I have a LONG way to go, but all in all my first week of being a MacBook Pro owner, its two thumbs up from this PC veteran. I know I am on the honeymoon and will be for a while, but there are some really nice features and flow on the Mac. I love the keyboard commands, iSight, and the way all of the usual apps (browsers, IM, Skype, Office, etc) work!

OK, now I have to put the Apple down to go enjoy some more of the Big Apple. More thoughts on my Mac experience as time goes on…. happy weekend.

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8 Responses to “Thoughts On Apple In The Big Apple”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Welcome, aboard. Too bad you didn’t bring the Dell with you. You could’ve tossed it into the East River on your way out of town. ;)

  2. Murray Easton Says:

    Welcome to the world of computer enjoyment-I too am a windows convert-2 years now and I am NEVER going back:)
    The one button mouse thing-you may already know this but go to your system prefs/keyboard and mouse and check the box for 2 finger clicking.That way when ever you want to use the right click on the trackpad,just touch 2 fingers to the pad when clicking.
    OR just plug in any multi button mouse and it will work the same.

  3. Greg Says:

    Nice Ryan :-) maybe that will come in due time, but I am not ditching anything quite yet :-)

    Murray, thanks for the note, I appreciate it. I will definitely check that out!

    - Greg

  4. lee joramo Says:

    Mac’s seldom need rebooting. My current uptime on my PowerBook: 51 days. Prior to that 134 days, I had to install the Mac OS updates and reboot.

  5. Sandy Williamson Says:

    Welcome to the flock! I made the switch earlier this year and have never looked back. I found a lot of great apps on this mac only website:

    it doesnt have a lot but the ones it does have are awesome..

  6. Tom Markiewicz Says:

    Congrats! I just made the switch myself and ordered a MacBook Pro the other day after being a lifelong Windows user. I’m anxiously awaiting its arrival.

  7. Alex Klaff Says:

    Too funny dude. I remember sitting in your conference room about 2 months ago repeating the words “buy a mac”. This of course was after your 10th attempt to get the public caster demo running on your sony pc. All i can say is: your clients & prospects will thank you for buying a macbook. :)

    Welcome to the club bro.

  8. Greg Says:

    :-) good stuff! I remember that Alex, and after that and the prior Podcast Academy “first slide slam” I decided to go for it. Your right, I am loving it!

    Tom - glad to hear your joining the club as well.

    I have been all mac for just about a week now and I LOVE it!


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