Closing Deals On Fridays

I, like most people, have a few theories that I feel rather strongly about. For those of you in business, sales or marketing, one of my theories that keeps ringing true over and over again, is that its always better to try and CLOSE a deal on a Friday. It doesn’t matter whether its an incoming lead, a referral, a cold call, or someone you have been working with for a while and just need to push them across the finish line for the sale. My experience has consistently been that Friday’s are always a great day to get the fax machine (yes we still use a fax) humming with signed deals.

There are no earth shattering reasons for why I think this happens, but let me explain my point of view. Think about it from the standpoint of, its Friday, you know, TGIF, as a natural result of this, people are almost automatically in a better mood knowing that the weekend is within hours of their reach. That state of mind opens people up to “conversation” and a general state of being in “a good mood.” This takes place with both co-workers, friends, and believe it or not the outside world, ie. vendors, sales people, etc… i.e. people not in the inner circle.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about just ANY kind of sale. If you call someone at the office on a Friday at 2pm and try to sell them DNS management services out of the blue or a $66k cruise that gets you in front of top CMO’s for Fortune 1000 companies, you probably won’t have much luck. But if your working a service that is in demand or that someone or has inquired about, and in particular if they have inquired about your business at an earlier point in time OR someone has referred them to you, Friday’s are a great day to close a deal.

There is also the buyers side to this as well. Its clear as the seller you have an advantage just by doing what you do on a particular day of the week. From the buyers side, this can also be liberating, since purchasing is a big part of a LOT of people’s day to day job. So when someone is tasked with finding a new vendor for a particular service and they contact you and you engage them, sometimes if you just do and say the right things, you have a sale. Not to take away from the art of sales, all I am saying is that sometimes people want to check something off their to do list at the end of a week, and sometimes purchasing decisions are one of them.

Then again, maybe I am just full of it. I can’t say for sure. But I can say that I have always had good luck on Fridays, as recent as this past Friday, 3 deals closed tight and the prospect of a 4th coming in today. I don’t know what it is, maybe its something in the air….

Has anyone else found this to be true?

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