6 Month Macbook Pro Check-In

By Greg • Jun 16th, 2007 • Category: Technology

It has been 6 months since I purchased my Macbook Pro.

Prior to buying my Apple, I had been using a PC since I started computing in high school (circa 1987).

So whats the prognosis 6 months later after switching from a PC to a Mac, or better yet from Windows to OSX?

I am never going back :-)

OSX is STILL like “gliding on ice.”

I think my Mac has crashed on me once in 6 months, and only because I had almost every MS Office application, 3 different browsers, and many other apps going for a long time.

That said, I would like to point out that every single MS product I have on my Mac literally sucks hard. Entourage is nothing short of a bloated hog of an application, and I like many of you use it ONLY because it synch’s with Exchange Server (if there is ANY alternative out there for this PLEASE let me know). Power Point is sub par, Excel is strange (but maybe thats just me), and Word, Ok I can deal with Word.

Every Mac app on the other hand, just works. Period. I can understand why, but seriously, anyone on the Entourage issue? Give me any alternative and I am there.

In short, 6 months later, I love my Mac :-)

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