Interview w/ Michael Bailey, Mobasoft, LLC (trend tv)

September 29, 2007 – 5:21 pm

Check out interview one from the Podcast & New Media Expo with Michael Bailey from Mobasoft, LLC. Michael and I talk about the launch of his new multimedia social networking system, Mobatalk.

NOTE: This is a conference recording, so I apologize for the crappy audio. The next interviews will be a bit clearer as I found a “quiet space” to conduct my interviews. Hey, ya gotta learn :-)

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  1. 9 Responses to “Interview w/ Michael Bailey, Mobasoft, LLC (trend tv)”

  2. Thanks Greg - again, it was great getting a chance to meet you in person - you are one awesome guy and I wish you well in all of your future ventures.

    By Michael Bailey on Sep 29, 2007

  3. Hi Greg, I have signed up and will test this out. Easy to sign up and the main window is very clean. Like he says it is flickr with video and more, ( without the Yahoo strongarm )

    I wonder if there will be an app that will fit into facebook like twitter does ?

    scott, toronto

    By scott mcdougall on Oct 2, 2007

  4. Scott - sounds great. I wonder too, lets ask Michael that question! I will ping him on that. Sounds like a good idea to me!



    By Greg on Oct 2, 2007

  5. Hey Scott - nice compliments, thanks - also, it’s like Yahoo without their budget, so unfortunately I have to work on other client projects to make some money to finish MobaTalk - most of the stuff is there, but some important things are not hooked up yet.

    I’m trying to get all of the features working and in place just as soon as I can.

    By Michael Bailey on Oct 3, 2007

  6. I tried to upload some video and play around a bit and i can see the potential. Hope you can get some help to finish this task in a timely fashion. Let me know when you have made changes and i will gladly beta test and submit feedback. I am on a Mac, but i can also run XP inside Parallels.
    look me up on facebook or twitter , i am scottwitter.

    By scott mcdougall on Oct 4, 2007

  7. Scott - yeah, sorry for the mess - it’s frustrating to me to still have it unfinished - I’m glad that you see the potential - I see it too, but there’s something called … uhmm, what was it again? oh yeah, money, that I guess one needs to pay the bills while pursuing their passions.

    Hopefully soon - oh, and also it works fine from a Mac (actually, better than a PC with XP and Firefox)

    By Michael Bailey on Oct 4, 2007

  8. what if the messaging system worked well first ? People could sign up, leave messages, tell friends, start to create a network on MobaTalk first ( emphasis on Talk ) .. then work on other aspects. I used my built in camera on my iMac-24 and saved a fairly decent quality recording to my video folder. I see the potential here. the quality is great.

    I lost my coding skills a long time ago, I’m better at promotions, advertising, videos, sales etc…

    If you get free help from anyone get a signed contract saying what they are doing and what they will get. otherwise if you become wealthy it could get messy.

    keep moving forward ! MobaTalk will be a fun place to be.


    By scott mcdougall on Oct 5, 2007

  9. Thanks Scott - I hear you on the signed contract - I’ve sort of been down that road a little bit already. Lessons learned.

    Also, check out the Journal Entry - when you are creating a new entry, and you want to insert one of your recorded videos, you just click on the video camera icon in the editor’s toolbar - a sliding area comes down and you point to your video folder, click on the video, and it gets inserted into your journal entry.

    no copy-n-paste all point and click.

    The same works for any photo which you’ve uploaded, and the images have also been resized to fit nicely into the journal entry.

    By Michael Bailey on Oct 10, 2007

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