We’ve Acquired Blogarithm

by Greg Cangialosi on December 19, 2007

Today at Blue Sky Factory we announced our acquisition of Blogarithm, a leading RSS to email provider. You can read the official press release on our corporate site, here.

The acquisition comes on the heels of our purchase of RSSFWD earlier in the year. We have been making lots of tweaks and additions to the RSSFWD service, and recently moved the service to a new set of servers to keep up with the demand. Blogarithm will soon be powered by RSSFWD technology.

I have been working with Max Minkoff and Andy McDonald, Blogarithm’s co-founders over the past few months to finalize the deal and put a plan in place to migrate the Blogarithm user base over to RSSFWD (this will be 100% optional to all current Blogarithm users). We feel the technology we have in place, and Choon Keat’s, continual advancement of our platform will help bring more features and options to users of the Blogarithm service. Both Andy and Max have been a pleasure to work with throughout the process.

The combined RSS to Email service will have a unique and active user base of over 100,000, and will be polling more than 125,000 unique RSS feeds and websites.

Below are some highlights from our release. I will, of course, be posting more on this topic:

“We have worked to deliver timely, accurate, refreshing connections between bloggers and their readers through BlogMail,” said Max Minkoff, co-founder and CEO of Blogarithm. “Blue Sky Factory with their RSSFWD technology will continue that tradition to our customers, keeping them updated with all the latest postings from their favorite bloggers.”

Currently utilized by more than 35,000 active and unique users, Blogarithm monitors over 70,000 unique RSS feeds on behalf of its users. Blue Sky Factory (BSF) will operate Blogarithm as an autonomous service as a complement to the company’s current e-mail marketing offerings. Over the next few months, Blogarithm will be powered by RSSFWD technology with some enhanced end user features. Blue Sky Factory also plans to integrate some of the service’s features into its leading web-based email marketing solution. Publicaster, which offers a full suite of tools to design, track, and execute your email marketing communications.

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