links for 2008-01-02

by Greg Cangialosi on January 2, 2008

  • Email and Mobile as the Social Graph. Good stuff.
    (tags: media mobile gmail facebook email socialnetworking socialnetworks web2.0 socialgraph socialmedia)
  • The answer is of course no. Great article by Yaro Starak who talks about the momentum he is building using email marketing. A good read on how email can truly compliment RSS, and online marketing as a whole.
    (tags: blogging emailmarketing email marketing rsstoemail rss)
  • You have to love John’s predictions. He is always in tune :-)
    (tags: future internet search predictions 2008 industry)
  • This quick 10 question quiz offers some interesting questions. Are you a tech junkie thats always on?
    (tags: culture technology tech trends blackberry)
  • (tags: emailmarketing email socialmedia socialnetworks socialmarketing technology)
  • Interesting perspective on evaluating a new biz idea from evhead.
    (tags: advice Business design entrepreneurship entrepreneur ideas productdevelopment startups software twitter tools)

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