West Coast Power Tour

by Greg Cangialosi on February 9, 2008

I will be on the west coast this coming week from Feb 12 – 16th. The tour begins in San Diego at the Email Evolution Conference, being put on by the Email Experience Council. I am really looking forward to participating, as this is the first annual Email Evolution conference, and Blue Sky Factory is proud to be a sponsor. If you are attending, look out for our “minty fresh” sponsorship, it will be hard to miss. Drop me a line or a comment if you are also planning on attending the event, as I am looking to meet as many folks as possible.

From San Diego I move up the coast to Los Angeles, and will spend the evening of the 13th, and the majority of the 14th in the zone of the OC. I will be in Huntington Beach to LA visiting clients before boarding an evening flight to San Francisco.

I will be spending Friday in the city visiting clients, then after that its linking up with friends and having good times in the bay area before heading back east Sunday.

If you are in one of the upcoming cities that I will be in and know of any interesting evening events that are happening, please drop a comment or an email. Looking forward to seeing colleagues, clients, friends and meeting some new folks out on the west coast.

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