The Intersection of Email, Mobile, & Social Media

by Greg Cangialosi on March 3, 2009

Next Wednesday March, 11 at 1pm EST, I will be presenting a webinar titled “The Intersection of Email, Mobile & Social Media.” This is a topic I have been thinking quite a bit about over the recent months, and one that I will be exploring in more depth throughout 2009 as these three mediums are being tied closer and closer together for marketers.

My basic premise is that email has been Рand continues to be Рthe backbone of all online marketing, while social media and the mobile landscape continue to emerge as key tools for today’s marketers. Each one of these mediums are cost effective, informative, and have the potential to reach millions of people, making them a very powerful combination when they are used in unison.

So, join me as I navigate through the convergence of email, mobile, and social media – 3 core mediums that are currently on the hearts and minds of marketers everywhere. I’ll be discussing how marketers can leverage these tools to drive new sales and increase brand awareness.

You can register for this webinar here. If you can’t make it, I will be posting the recorded session here on my blog.

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