Building Your Community Through Email

by Greg Cangialosi on May 16, 2009

Below, is an excerpt from the Maryland Chamber of Commerce Digital Marketing event that took place on Thursday May 14th. In this video, taken by Will Burns, I talk about how to jump start your social media community with your email database, and how to build email subscribers through social media.

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Arsham June 22, 2009 at 7:50 pm

Yes – brilliant.

IMO – marketing (in general) is about visibility and number of touches. It took 15+ times of seeing the KFC commercial for their grilled chicken before I actually stopped to get some (and it was good).

I've been asked: "How does email marketing help my bottom line?" – my answer is: "By keeping in touch with your potential purchasers, you are keeping them informed of your most recent developments as well as letting them know you're still alive and in business – so that when they are ready to buy, OR have a friend that is looking for your product or service, THEY REMEMBER YOU! (and not your competitor)"
It's basically like continual networking without having to attend events all over the place.

What you said about having all your social media profiles in your newsletter footer is on point. I have friends that won't touch twitter, but are facebook junkies, and vice versa. Therefore, as a business, it's important to be on all the sites and keep them up to date.

Keep up the good work Greg.


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