Trend Radio #7: Slackcast, Music & Banter

Hola! Happy St Pat’s Day! posting late, but posting! Trend Radio #7 has finally arrived. I headed home from a long day and brought it all together. Today I ramble on the future of the Trend Junkie and its move to WordPress, LOTS of good stuff happening in regards to the music scene, artist Aaron Walter’s of Baltimore kicks a solo acoustic track, some thoughts on SXSW, and then a brief highlight on Sphinterine, one of the top “key word terms” that drives search traffic to :-)

Download MP3 8.81 megs, 19:14

Show Links:

- Blogger
- WordPress
- The Crystal Method
- No link for Aaron Walters (Yet!)
- Sphincterine

Comments and email welcome, ping me at thetrendjunkie at gmail dot com. Peace!

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