The Truth on RFP’s

Not to discourage anyone who may be trying to win some big biz, but I found this post on Ian Landsman’s weblog on submitting RFP’s (Request for Proposal’s) to be so true. Being the “victim” of such an occurance last week, this struck a chord with me :-)

I’ve always suspected that RFP’s were a big waste of time. Nice to get some verification from someone on the inside. Every RFP process I’ve ever been a part of was just a cover for a deal that was already done before we even started but internally management wanted to seem impartial so they sent out an RFP. Creates a nice big pile of justification.

That was SO the case with what I just went through. Total waste of time, but yet 40 pages later…. oy vey!

Oddly enough I am working on another RFP thats due next week, so I better change my attitude, because I REALLY want this account! :-)

2 Responses to “The Truth on RFP’s”

  1. Ian Says:

    Hey I’m sure once in awhile someone actually picks a vendor based on one, maybe this is the one :-)

  2. The Trend Junkie Says:

    :-) yeah no doubt. I have actually had good experiences as well. But for the most part they are painful!

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