All the Rage

Driving back from the Jersey shore I was chatting with my cousin who had alerted me to all the rage this weekend on Engadget. Apparently, the new upcoming iTunes phone is being put in production by Motorola on the hardware side and running a mobile version of Apple’s iTunes. The conversation came up as we were discussing SD memory for our Treo 650’s, and how with a gig of SD memory you can keep plenty of tuneage and even movies handy on your Treo, thus eliminating the need for any additional device other than the smartphone itself. For straight tune junkies the new iTunes phone should suffice, but for me, I will just need to get a copy of that iTunes mobile on my Treo and with a chunky SD memory card I should be all set with the true “all in one” device, making my iPod not much of a necessity anymore. My how fast technology changes.

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