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I thought rather than keeping my own thoughts and perceptions on fashiony, trendish, lifestyle, sub-alternativism, sociological type subjects, I would share them on this blog. I figure here would be the appropriate space in this medium. No particular agenda other than taking complete and full advantage of blogging.

So jumping right in, I am just reflecting a bit on the recent buzz of the “hipster” movement/lifestyle, and profoundably jolted recently with extra energy by the release of Robert Lanham’s “The Hipster Handbook”. This work (although I honestly have not read it, just alot about it) appears every bit to be a deep look at the hipster experience….hitting the hearts and souls of the truly hip, while teaching the rest of us the details of hipster lingo, amongst many other subjects. In fact, this cat has got it so down, that fully included is the hipster quiz …..by taking this, it gets you to the bottom line real fast…Are you a hipster or are you not? (in case any of you were thinking about it)

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