Grammy Thoughts

Music Yields to Television

Quick comment on the Grammy’s…. I really do think Norah Jones is a great artist, but 5 Grammy’s kind of takes the wind out of a lot of sails for me. I really thought it made her look at little more “packaged” and “manufactured” than maybe she wants to be perceived as (but what do I know, at least thats what I think). Then again, I guess it happens all of the time. Sometimes, I wish for a little more diversity in the winnings and overall approach. I was all for “The Boss” taking home “Album of the Year” - Norah was hot, looking good! and there is still a major sweet spot with me for Sheryl Crow, she is the sexiest female artist to me. That Clash tune by the Boss, Elvis, Mr Grohl and friends was clearly a MAJOR highlight of the evening. Rock On.

I would not though write without mentioning other eventful happenings of Sunday, the last episode of OZ kicked ass, very appropriate. Followed by American Undercover: Real Sex - good stuff all around. Now for those who dig really wild and twisted storylines and character development - next Sunday starts Six Feet Under on HBO. A must see.

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