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Links Are In (if you ask me)

Recently I have received a numerous amount of inquiries about Cuff Links. Yes, Cuff Links. The MAIN reason for these inquiries is due to the fact that I wear them very frequently, and that being the case, I have found that some of the more “savvy” dressers I know wear them as well. I am not boasting about being a savvy dresser, although I do take style seriously, I am rather opening up the discussion of tweaking your own personal style with accessories. After all, cuff links are a man’s jewelry, an accessory much like the purse or scarf is to a woman. The Cuff Link accentuates an overall impression and defines style ( again, if you ask me). Now, that being said, what I mean by “tweaking” your overall personal style is adding your own flare. Cuff links generally are worn with a more formal dress code, formalwear or with suits, I wear them with JEANS! Fuck it! in a nutshell, I like french cuff shirts and although I will admit, if I do wear jeans, I do make sure there is a nice pair of shoes and possibly a blazer that goes with the outfit. But, point being, you can take the more formal accessories of the classic times and implement them into your wardrobe today - in the here in now… classic style mixed with modern treads is cool with me.


For the serious:

- Cuff Link Society (Like I said, for the serious)


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  1. Brett Prebble Says:

    This site is a perfect resource for people to compare the widest selection of themed, novelty, contemporary or designer cufflinks. We offer same day engraving service - an industry first

  2. Mark Says:

    If you want another resource to add to this post I have a blog devoted to cufflinks at Cufflinks Central. It showcases designs from all the big retailers, as well as finding cool unique ones from the small designers out there.

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