Communication Amongst Us

Incommunicado of the times….

In the words of Jim Morrison, “people are strange”……. and I totally agree. People around all of us are scared out of their own skin as a result of thinking within the confines of a box, never considering the possibility that there could be another way of looking at things. I keep thinking, its all in the mind and in our perception of the world around us that makes our experience what it is.

What has lead me to this type of post, is that I have recently found an interest in looking at the way some people choose to communicate with each other, and the strange responses they have to alternative ideas, responses based exclusively on their preconceived notions of the world as we know it.

I simply ask….What is wrong with evolving???

What is wrong with expanding the mind and opening up to new possibilities of viewing the fabric of the universe in a different light. Looking at how a change in perception can accelerate new states of consciousness.

I have posted this in response to a friend, being freaked a bit by discussing alternative additions to the notion of our reality, the additions that are rarely discussed, the ones that require a faith and openess, the spiritual ones. The kind that relate to a veil being lifted from our eyes…….

…just something to “think” about.

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