Baltimore Neighborhood Winter Action

Winter Weather Urban Activities

Ah yes, the good ol Farmers Almanac, does it again. We are experiencing a nice winter blast over here on the east coast, in fact as I write this its snowing at a decent rate - calling for an additional 6-8 inches by tomorrow noon (but for some reason I think they are going wrong on this one). What is great is that I live in an urban area - a village of sorts. What is great is that we just came out of the large 2 foot dropping of snow 2 weeks ago - which literally crippled the city for a few days - almost a week.

My fellow neighbors and community members take on a great task during these times, which is, they drink the bars dry. Oh yeah, they are slamming beers and drinks by noon on these ever-so-famous snow days and I love it. They slurp oysters and eat steamed shrimp, sushi and anything else the urban environment offers :-) . Its a scene and a trend down here. I HIGHLY recommend blowing off your next “legitimate” snow day and emptying out your local pub’s tap lines…..on your next snow day of course :-)

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