Ad Sense Experiment

Blogging for Dollars?

They say that the last thing you want to do is start a blog to make money. I certainly agree. However, as a supplement I can see how it can be attractive, so as mentioned I am I am now officially testing out the AdSense program offered by Google as mentioned in my last post, mostly for experimental purposes. I can assure you I have my own job, make a decent living and am in no way expecting any dollars for a LONG time, or anything at all in regards to the program. Google won’t even cut you a check until you accumulate at least $100 in ad revenue. I am curious to know how many visitors I get on my blog and the percentage of click throughs I get on any of the ads displated on the lower right hand column of this weblog. We shall see, I am going to run it for a month and then will report the stats. I may be late to the game here in regards to putting ads on blogs, but online advertising as it relates to this medium interests me, and like a trend “everyones doing it.” More to report later.

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