Make Adsense of it….

AdSense - Make Sense?

I am curious to see how much people are making off of this whole Google AdSense program with their blogs. I am NOT skeptical of the power of contextually targeted advertising whatsoever, however I am curious to know what a blog with maybe 30-40k unique visitors a month will yield on average in terms of a payout for displaying the text ads.

Now I have absolutely no clue how much traffic this blog gets or some of my other blogs, but I just signed up for AdSense for experimental reasons. So, let this be the start of it. Hopefully by next week I will throw the code up and see how many click I get on my ads over the course of a month and answer my own question. My readership is really, really, reeeeeeeeeeeeeally high so best case scenario I get lucky and can retire soon :-)

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