This could be sexy: Crackberry 2

As a devout Blackberry user of the past 2 years I must say its good to see the company evolving a bit. I always dug the retro scaled back look of the berry, however this new model of berry is trying to go head to head with the Treo, which it very may well succeed at. Notice though the keyboard is a little funky from the standard berry keyboard. It touts the natural language recognition due to the fact that in an effort to shrink the keyboard a bit they put two letters on each key. Now I am not sure about you, but that seems to be a bit ridiculous. I am not sure if that is going to fly at all. However, with the modest price of only $199.00 they are going to creep up hard on the Treo audience. We will see how this pans out. It is also only being offered on T-Mobiles’ network, which will limit its reach, but its a start.

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