HOT Yoga (not Bikram)

Yesterday afternoon my wife convinced me, after many many months of trying, to go to Yoga class with her. Personally, I love and enjoy yoga, however its one of those things that I just havent been in the “mode” to do lately (like 2 years lately). Since my last yoga practice, I have watched the Bikram Yoga craze occur, for those of you who dont know about Bikram, its when they heat the room up to 95-100 degrees and you do a complete yoga routine as you literally drip with sweat, and have been curious to check it out. However, last night we went to “Hot Yoga” (85-90 degrees), which is a lighter form of Bikram in terms of intensity and routine. The idea is that its easier and safer for you to stretch your muscles under the hot conditions. It works, and I do feel good today, sore, but no pain no gain. Bottom line, I have to get something going other than walking to lose the tire thats developing around my waist!

Here is a shot of Bikram Brighton, in England:

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