Bean Town, Behavioral and Podcasting

Hola! I am posting from the beautiful city of Boston this am. Nice flight, simple travels. Today we traverse the world of behavioral marketing. I am here for the BIMA panel discussion called “The Behavioral Marketing Shoot Out” , its bound to be very interesting. My company is participating in the event, which is designed to be an educational panel discussion on all aspects of Behavioral Marketing. More on that post- event.

In other news, the ClickZ network posts today about The Podcasting Network. Here is where we start to talk about the commercial viability of podcasting, and where licensing, advertising and other commercial interests start coming into play.

“Podcasters interested in joining the network can expect to split ad profits on an agreed percentage basis and according to a sliding scale. Those with larger audiences and more expertise on their topic stand to generate more income. Although The Podcast Network is offering free content to start, it expects to develop premium (paid) content over time.

Buzzword or not, you can bet when it comes to marrying podcasting and marketing, this is only the beginning.”

Here we go folks. Speaking of podcasting, Trend Radio #2 will be posted most likely tomorrow after I return to the studio :-)

Ciao for now!

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