Boston Recap and Podcasting Studios

Good morning from Boston again, good times here in bean town. Last night proved to be interesting with the “Behavioral Marketing Shoot Out” - a little bit of a yawner if I am going to be honest :-) Unfortunately, most of the discussion was geared around using behavioral targeting on the publisher side, i.e. serving up ads to very targeted audience segments. Interesting stuff, but our angle on the space is from the advertisers perspective and what happens AFTER the user clicks on the ad. Maybe next time we will have a panel discussion on the benefits of companies using behavioral based technologies to offer their audience a more “relevant” user experience. We shall see, such an emerging space, lots of opinions it is something that can go in any direction. Very much developing, just like podcasting!

Speaking of which, once again we get some interesting news today, as expected, podcasting production firms are popping up now. We saw on Podcasting News today, PWOP Productions has launched its own podcasting production service, the producer of the popular show .NET Rocks is spreading its production expertise to others. This comes two days after we got a similar release that Palegroove Studios has also launched the first brick and mortar podcasting studio, so new their site isnt finished yet. Check it out:

“The studio�s staff can consult clients on show content, format, and musical accompaniment. A studio engineer is available to record, edit, and master shows. The engineer can also encode the show to mp3 format and uploaded it a web server.

The studio has portable production equipment available, so it can make �house calls� and turn any office or room into a temporary podcast studio.”

The space is getting interesting and evolving into an “industry” (I hate to say it, things are so precious when they are fresh and new). Not to bore you to death with this stuff, but I am truly fascinated on how this is all evolving. More later when I return to Baltimore.


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