Trend Radio #2: The Week, Podcasting & The Rev

Hello again! Trend Radio #2 is posted! A quick review of the week, some more babble on podcasting and the first audio track on Trend Radio, some very crunchy tuneage by The Reverend Strychn Trio (Dave Krejci) - who have the killer domain name Check out their site for the entire discography, there is a lot to explore. The track played is a classic RST tune from a rehersal session, nice and raw :-)

64bit MP3 - 15 minutes

(DAMN! - that 64bit recording did work, the file is only 7 megs!)

Show notes:
- Marcov (Intro tuneage)
- Webinar recorded this week - just chatty stuff.
- I have my own DEDICATED SERVER now, exclusively for podcasting :-)
- Boston trip (mentioned the Berkman Center, and BIMA)
- Podcasting News
- PWOP Productions
- Palegroove Studios
- Todd Storch’s Business Thoughts.
- Doses (Reverend Strychn Trio) - Been My Only Shooting Star (3:26 min)
- Josh Wink (again)

Comments welcome and I fucked up my email address on the cast email me at thetrendjunkie at - Gracias!

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