Trend Radio #3: Comedy and Warp

Hello all! Trend Radio #3 is posted, this time with a different spin (evolving format). Todays podcast includes some comedy reviews and plugs for Jim Florentine and Doug Powell (Dirty Sanchez), I am talking about some crazy dudes so put your seat belt on. I also honor my man Tim Mantle who cut the new tag intro for Trend Radio and play a track of his music, a style called “Warp,” good stuff straight from the UK. Also, an audio comment by Bicyclemark, the announcement of Todds first podcast. Get ready.

Trend Radio #3: Comedy and Warp

Download MP3 21 minutes (9.62 megs)

Show Links:

- Tim Mantle (psalm37)
- The Improv
- Doug Powell / Dirty Sanchez
- Jim Florentine
- Bicyclemark
- Toddcast

Comment if you please, or email me audio comments or anything else at thetrendjunkie at, have a GREAT day :-)

Photography by Tim Mantle during his stay in Baltimore.

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