The Rise of Podcasting

Rex Hammock shares a great perspective on the rapid rise of podcasting:

“About 20 weeks ago, on September 28, 2004, I heard the term “podcast” for the very first time when Doc Searls explained it on his “IT Garage” blog. He said then that the word podcast returned 24 results on Google. After reading the long, long NY Times piece yesterday on podcasting, I wondered how many results the word would return. Yesterday, it was 687,000, today it is 1,700,000. A rather wide range, but the point is, it’s a big number.

Twenty weeks. That’s 140 days. Can you imagine how far along “podcasting” would be if it had been a corporate idea: An idea some media company or technology company developed and “brought to market”? Or even some hot shot start-up? “

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