Podcast Baking by Bicyclemark

Bicyclemark posts today about “How to Bake a Podcast”. This is Marks podcasting get up, and he is correct us podcasters are tweaking the way we do things almost all the time. Nice work Mark.

“There’s no one right way to do a podcast. And all of us who are doing it, are no doubt changing and adjusting things as we go along. Preparing a podcast is as complex and yet simple as your grandma recipe for ummm.. baked Alaska. Why anyone would BAKE alaska, I have no idea, but baking a podcast can produce delicious results, and it’s VEGAN.”

My own podcasting get up is explained here. You can also listen to one of my very first experiments. Outside of whats listed, I added Sound Forge for mastering output but its not fully integrated into the mix yet, AND the file output should be as Mark says 64kbps, anything more is simply not necessary.

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