The Trend Junkie: New and Improved!

Thanks to everyone for their patience during my transition to WordPress, and I am happy to say, WE’RE LIVE! and loving it. Thank you VERY MUCH to flipthedolphin who helped me install the WordPress platform, and thanks to Trevor for kicking out some new header graphic action. Thanks a TON for the help!

Outside of that its been a ton of tweaking, importing all of my previous Blogger posts (which was rather easy thanks to the Blogger to WordPress import script). Whats really taking time is going back and categorizing EVERY one of my posts into various topics. I am going month by month, I am caught up through November of last year. The only real snafu that sucks, is that I lost all of my comments from the Blogger version, but I knew that this came with the territory. So sorry about all of those great comment exchanges. Maybe there is something I can do with that, give me a little time ;-)

Looking forward to resuming “regular” blogging and producing another Trend Radio! Look out for some cool changes there as well. Peace!

4 Responses to “The Trend Junkie: New and Improved!”

  1. bicyclemark Says:

    Nice place.. I like the curtains and the light fixtures. Ill come over often to borrow cups of sugar.

  2. The Trend Junkie Says:

    Nice man :-) stop on by, and let me know if I can be of any assistance with your transition to WordPress if you want to go that route. Learned a LOT :-)


  3. Andy Skelton Says:

    Lost your comments, huh? So did I until I hacked out an improved import-blogger.php. Get it here and follow the directions.

    You’ll need to do all of the steps again but the result is worth it.


  4. Todd L. Gilbert Says:

    As we have previously discussed, the bloggage looks SA-WEET! Happy to have been at least partially responsible for this upgrade… ;)

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