Black Book: Diaries, Journals & Blogs

I was doing some food shopping at Whole Foods Market, as I do almost every Saturday, and while on the checkout line I scoped out Black Book magazine. Whole Foods is continuously stacking their check out lanes with all types of new and progressive perodicals. Black Book, which is a magazine all about Arts, Entertainment, Fashion & Lifestyle , dedicated their recent edition to “Diaries, Journals & Blogs.” I checked it out tonight and found it pretty interesting, the entire magazine layout is excerpts from various individual’s diaries and blogs, I dug the concept.

Responding to the spirit of the times, BlackBook invited a cross- section of the blazing talents and intellects in the culture to tear a page or two from their diaries or journals and give them to us: the result is a glimpse into the daily lives, concerns, and obsessions of some of the people who shape our world

Another cool element of the mag was the inclusion of their own little Black Book on great restaurants, bar, nightclub and hotel picks in NYC, LA and Montreal. Maybe they do this every edition, it was my first time checking the pub out. Check out this months if you get a chance. Peace.

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