Whats the Next Big Move?

I love watching the online space evolve. Tons happening, more companies are spending more money on online marketing, market segments are consolidating, and in a nutshell things are moving and shaking. I think we are only seeing the beginning of it this year. There will be so much more to come.

This week brings us Barry Diller picking up Ask Jeeves (w/ Bloglines included) for a cool $1.85 billion! NICE. Then late last week we get confirmation that Flickr solved their growing pains by selling to Yahoo! How cool, now they can really spread their wings and rock. Of course we are all waiting to hear just how much they got for Flickr. Also, HP has just acquired the popular photo site Snapfish, what a week! Whats next? No crystal ball here, but there are sure some interesting things out there.

Who will go after the next segment? Social networking sites, more blog networks, Feedburner? One thing is evident to me, and that is that as podcasting continues to rapidly evolve as a media format, we will no doubt see plenty of activity. Look out for the arrival of “big moves” in this space as things begin to launch and gain traction. I would watch, Odeo and Curry’s PodShow to name just a couple of more mainstream plays. However there are plenty of other cool things in the works.

Personally, I think Blugg is on to something with the simple web based blogcast player, and the upcoming Podbat, dig it :-)

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