Basecamp Rocks!

I wanted to write a quick note about Basecamp, the web based project management system that is offered by 37 Signals. Jason Fried, who has been getting amazing praises for his presentation at SXSW titled “How to Make Big Things Happen with Small Teams” is a founder of the company.

I signed my company up for the service last week. We are a 4 year old online marketing firm, and going through some healthy growing pains. Particularly the kind where there is SO much going on that its imperitive that all project and client communication be streamlined and deeper “processes” are being implemented to handle account management and workflow. In short, we have been looking for a solution like this.

What I can tell you about Basecamp from my own experience, is that the product has singlehandedly transformed the way my company manages its clients, projects and communication in less than 1 week. It’s an amazingly simple, yet powerful project management tool, packed with all of the logical features and customizable elements. Whats really cool though, is when you have employees who are raving about it to you and thanking you for putting such a system in place, there is something to be said for that. Basecamp is rocking for us and we are only 12-14 days into our free 30 day trial period, I think you guys just got yourself another $99/ month customer. Thanks for the great product.

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