You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

This just in from the Iconoculture newsletter:

Market Facts

71% of 6- to 17-year-olds say they “need” a vacation. Three-fourths of them say it should ideally be seven days or more.

I guess school must be real tough these days! Give me a break, wait until you get to the real world! :-)

3 Responses to “You Gotta Be Kidding Me!”

  1. Todd L. Gilbert Says:

    Damn! Back when I was a kid… ;)

  2. K. Todd Storch Says:

    We would walk uphill….

    Seriously, I believe this all starts with the parents. More and more parents are being “friends” with their kids and not parents.

    We are more prosporous now than ever. We taken the kids places I’ve never was able to see when I was a kid and the bar keeps raising higher and higher.

    There is a lot of conversation in our house on saving for things that they want. Less and less just “getting something” for the kids when they want it. We really need to make sure kids are saving and earning the things they want.

    Ok, I better step down, before I slip off this soap box…

    Whew, time I had a vacation…ha!


  3. Darrel Says:

    We laugh at the ‘absurdity’ not realizing how damn true it is. We all need vacations. We, at least as Americans, forget that too damn quickly after entering the ‘real world’ as we call it. Which is hardly the real world…just an existence in an office somewhere for many folks.

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