Podguides.net: Interesting

Here is a new use of the podcasting medium, soundseeing tours to go essentially :-) Posted today on Podcastingnews.com:

PodGuides.net is a new site that offers free PodGuides, spoken audio tour guides, that you can listen to on a portable MP3 player.

A PodGuide is the combination of a map (PDF) of a certain place and a series of audio tracks (mp3) which you can download for your iPod or other media player. Stops on the map are marked with a dot indicating the related audio track.

As the site describes them, “Think of an audio tour in a museum, but not limited to just that. You could have a PodGuide about the 10 coolest pubs in London for example, or a PodGuide which shows you the most well-known historic buildings in Bruges.”

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  1. djd Says:

    Just wanted to mention that another company, Sounds for Sights, also makes downloadable audio walking tours. The tours are excellent quality, only 5 bucks, and they’re adding more soon.


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