Cool Search Tools: Check Yourself

Doc Searls pointed to a couple of interesting search tools. First, we have ZoomInfo, which is an engine that will summarize the content available on a particular person or subject and deliver it in easy to digest results - do a search for yourself and see whats out there:

ZoomInfo is a unique summarization search engine that finds, understands and extracts the latest online information about people and companies and instantly delivers it to you in concise and useful summaries

Secondly, we have MyDensity, which is a new service that is brought to us by Mitch Ratcliffe’s new venture, Persuadio. Check out MyDensity and type in a URL that you want to check out - the engine requires a java enabled browser to display an interconnected social map of sorts on any web URL you choose:

What we hope to let you do with our tool is let you see where [on the Web] you are compared to all of these other kinds of interests and then measure how much value is somewhere and who you need to influence in order to get people to start paying attention to you.

Pretty cool tools. In the future I believe we will begin to see more and more interesting apps come out that will allow for the analysis of the overall influence of social networks.

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  1. Flipthedolphin Says:

    This is really an interesting tool man.

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