Psychedelic Nostalgia Auction on eBay

I found this story on Wired’s feed. Trippy….

“An organization that supports psychedelic drug research is hosting an eBay auction featuring ecstasy icon Alexander Shulgin’s lab glassware, LSD blotter paper art and a week of “tanning, dancing and trancing” on Ibiza, among other mind-bending items.

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, or MAPS, launched the eBay auction, which runs until March 21. The group aims to raise money for administrative expenses, which have increased t”hanks to the group’s recent successes, said Rick Doblin, MAPS president and founder.”

Full story can be found here.

2 Responses to “Psychedelic Nostalgia Auction on eBay”

  1. Flipthedolphin Says:

    Oh cool… I like the Cure signed guitar…mmmh…

  2. tony Says:

    holy alchemical acid alert batman..the good doc does it again….now thas what i call donating with a touch of glass…one thing sasha said that has stuck with me…u have to develop a relationship with the chemical b4 u can really become familiar with the molecule…wish i had a nickel for every fool i saw gobble a handful of blotter at a dead show cuz it was the thing to do…with zero clue about… the way noncasual high psychedelics like LSD and other mindshifting substances create with our wonderful synaptic neurochemistry the architect saw fit to bless us with…turn bad fast as the eager daytripper sees reality dissolve into a kaleidoscopic undulating omniprescent alien oragamic rubix cube from beyond set in motion and the good folk from WHARF RATS try n clean the chemical spill…kudos again sasha on a glass collection reflective of truly great bench technique

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