Saturday, March 12, 2005

I am OK with Wishful Thinking

Yes, I have to admit, I had a serious case of wishful thinking yesterday while I was scanning the travel sites looking for flights to Austin in a last minute attempt to join the masses at SXSW, the flights were still available but the hotels definitely were not. I fast forwarded through the future for a minute and came to the conclusion "I am not going to deal" Next year I will simply plan my trip in advance and make it a definitive thing. Honestly though this has been the first time I have thought about going to SXSW since the mid 90's. Next year though, I am there.

However, I couldnt quite stop there :-) after ruling out the Texas trip my mind wandered south to Florida, hell just for the weather I would go, but specifically I was honed in on the Langerado festival that is going on in Sunrise today and tomorrow. Its a seriously kick ass festival with LOTS of great bands. Even with friends to stay with and a $400 round trip flight, I decided that a. I have seen plenty of live music this week already and b. I should take the money I would spend on one hell of a quick weekend with lots of travel and put it towards some new gear. So there you have it, lots of wishful thinking but in the end I am here in Baltimore :-) As Todd said to me after hearing about my wishful plots: "got to dream though!" and he is correct!

I guess this means I better pull together Trend Radio #7!

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