Advergaming with TAG

Here is a good example of advergaming in action. TAG, the makers of the “chick magnet” body spray, created a branded flash game called “Hide the Hotties.” :-)

Armed with TAG™ Body Spray for Men, you’re a young stud on campus with a bevy of beauties in your dorm room. But watch out! Here comes their pops! Can you hide them in time — and learn all their names?

7 Responses to “Advergaming with TAG”

  1. sinister6000 Says:

    +17 points for good link. funny game. i just spent 20 minutes hiding and unhiding.
    -3 Points for the word “advergaming”;)
    -10 points for my use of an emoticon wink just now

  2. furiousdee Says:

    Well I gues the “advergaming” works, because I’d never heard of the spray, but I enjoyed the game.

  3. lf1xx Says:

    i guess i don’t get what advergaming is, but the game is funny andthe dad’s are totally great at teh end.

  4. norbert Says:

    Fun game, very addictive. And maybe just a teeny bit depressing because I’m actually in college right now and I rarely get to hide girls in my dorm room… :(

  5. Greg Says:

    word up! how did you all hear about this post? always curious!
    - G

  6. sinister6000 Says:

    actually i was doing a search on the very topic of advergaming. i still have a strong dislike for that word. :)

  7. Greg Says:

    coolio - do you have a weblog?

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