Pioneering a New Trend?

The Tribeca Grand Hotel in NYC has announced that they have created the ultimate suite for traveling podcasters and video podcasters. Dubbed the iStudio, it appears the hotel has arranged some kind of agreement with Apple to sport their wares. The iStudio comes fully loaded with the following gear:

- A fully-loaded G5 computer outfitted with film, photo and sound editing software.
- iSight cameras
- Apple wireless keyboards, Apple wireless mouses and a built-in Bluetooth module.
- iPod and BOSE Sound Dock

May- June: Starting at $449
July - August and holiday periods: Starting at $369
Sept-Dec: Starting at $499

With citizen media production on the rise, and tons of new ventures being created across the globe, could this be the start of a new trend with hotels?


2 Responses to “Pioneering a New Trend?”

  1. K. Todd Storch Says:

    Very, very cool on their part.

    But let me take the other side of this…don’t most podcasters have their gear with them already? What if they offered a great WiFi connection (most hotels don’t…ugh) and a menu of components you could rent.

    For example, if you needed a Powerbook, or iSight cameras, or extra microphone, you could get it from them? What if the Apple store set up a kiosk in the lobby like Starbucks does?

    Now we are talking!


  2. The Trend Junkie Says:

    For sure. Of course forget about it if you are NOT an Apple user like myself, its pretty much useless, but definitely a nice touch.

    But I think you are right, that kind of gear option / rental would be great for traveling casters and people alike.


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