The Google Debate

June 16, 2005 – 6:48 am

I ran across an interesting post on Rex Hammocks blog regarding the debate on whether Google is a media company or not. There is another another interesting post on the same topic. Rex says they can be classified as a “marketing-communications company,” I agree with that as well. At this point, I pose the question, if Google is not a media company now, then will they be in the future? I am always curious to hear what others think about this topic. On my previous blog “Media Mind” I wrote a post back in March 2003 titled “Converting Google” it was after the launch of AdWords, which for me signaled the beginning of their transition into a media company. The debate by some is that Google is not a media company, but I question if that really is so and if so, for how long? Certainly, Google doesn’t look and feel like a media company, it shouldnt be compared to the GE’s, Time Warner’s & Disney’s, etc.. clearly its not. But where is Google going? I would define them now as a technology company that is morphing into a media company. Not a traditional media company, but a truly unique media company of the future. To see a variation of how this may look in some form or fashion check Robin Sloan’s popular Epic 2015 movie to see where things may be going.

This of course is an ongoing debate. Google continuously announces new products and initiatives. I certainly don’t claim to have the definite answer, but I think we can all agree that Google owns and operates various properties that represent various forms of media; from its search engine, Gmail email platform, Blogger platform, Picasa for photo hosting and sharing, maps and now video, just to name the key ones. Additionally, they are monetizing most of those properties using targeted keyword and contextual advertising that drives results.

Kosso has his own thoughts of Google even launching a media player for its video service, check it out. Someone tell me where can that go?

So what do you think? Is Google going to look more and more like a media company in the future or a pure technology play that brings everything altogether?

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  2. I have personally flagged google as one of my top 5 most dangerous companies in the future. And by dangerous, I dont mean in a good way, I mean their products and operation in general are collecting a whole lot of information about people and what is in their computer, and the big question for the future is — what might they do with all this information? Google books is also a suspect operation in the future.
    So are they a media company? I guess they weren’t, but now theyre mutating into a whole lot of things they weren’t.

    By bicyclemark on Jun 17, 2005

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