The Business Podcasting Book - Sept 07

August 10, 2007 – 3:44 pm

I would like to officially announce that next month at the Podcast Academy in Ontario, CA, my new book titled Podcast Academy: The Business Podcasting Book will be released by Focal Press a division of Elsevier.

I have been dropping hints here and there over the past few months about a “writing project” I have been involved in, but we wanted to wait until everything was set and ready to go before “officially” announcing the book. Today we received our new book graphics, and what better place to be to announce the book than Gnomedex, so now we are ready ☺

Last fall Michael Geoghegan of Gigavox Media asked me if I would be interested in participating in writing the first Podcast Academy book focused on business and corporate podcasting. I was more than honored to say the least. Here is a little overview of the project:

The People:

Michael Geoghegan is the Editor-In-Chief, and I took the lead author role, writing 9 of the 16 chapters in the book. I was also joined by an incredible group of individuals who also participated in the project; Ryan Irelan of Airbag Industries & Podcast Free America, Colette Vogele of Vogele & Associations & Rules for the Revolution podcast, and Tim Bourquin of TNC New Media, producer of the Podcast & New Media Expo.

The Idea:

The book was written for businesses and organizations of all sizes. When I began to put together the outline for the book, at the front of my mind was the fact that I couldn’t (nor could Michael) point to a solid resource in the market that accurately explained what podcasting was, and how businesses could leverage it as a communications medium. The book is not a how-to or a technical book, but rather a practical overview of the medium and how you can go about deploying it within your own organization.

The Book:

The book is broken into three parts and is roughly 400 pages. We first drill into an overview of podcasting, examples of corporate podcasting, podcastings role in the social media landscape, and what organizations needs to consider before jumping in.

The second section, which was written mostly by Ryan, is an overview of the podcast production process. He covers everything from planning decisions, all the way through to the production of your podcast and the power of RSS. Also in this section, Colette offers an excellent chapter on the potential legal issues organizations must consider as well before they delve into a podcasting initiative.

The third section of the book is focused on getting your podcast out there, building your audience and community, monetizing your content, and measuring your success. In this section I am joined by Tim who contributed an incredibly detailed chapter on monetizing your podcast.

I will be posting more elements of the book in the coming days / weeks and we will be publishing several podcasts as well that will discuss certain sections of the book in further detail.

You can pre-order the book on right now at this link. And here is one of the new images we will be using to promote the book:

I would like to once again thank Michael Geoghegan for giving me this unique opportunity, Angelina Ward from Focal Press for being a visionary publisher, and Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen my development editor for guiding this first time author, you are the man. Also, big shout outs to Ryan, Colette & Tim you all did a GREAT job, and Lauren Witlin who helped me a TON with editing, research and deadline management ☺ Thank you VERY much. Rock stars, all of you!

Much more coming on the book very soon! If your at Gnomedex and want to learn more lets link up.

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  2. Since you seem to have written the book on business podcasting, I think you might want to see this RFP: Putting Podcasts to Work for Business, but hurry because it’s due on August 31st. That RFP, and many more, can be found at the RFP Database.

    By David Kutcher on Aug 23, 2007

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