Writing the Goods

Congrats to my cousin who just landed a position writing for the popular site mytreo.net:

“MTDN is a large community site with 60000 members and a half-million pageviews per month from 119000 unique visitors. They’re one of the premier Treo sites with a multi-national following, an excellent downloads section, and lively discussion forums.

Dave is a serious Treo advocate and helped me get set up with my new Treo 650 which I have come to really dig alot. I mentioned earlier that all I need is a mobile version of iTunes and I can pretty much do everything I would need to do on the device. Thanks again Dave and good luck with the writing gig, I will be a new subscriber to their feed.

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  1. K. Todd Storch Says:

    Very cool and congrats to Dave!

    When will he be a guest on your podcast to tell us all the cool new Treo scoop?!


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