Hyves 2.0

The boys in Amsterdam are working towards world domination :-) Some of you remember me talking about Hyves, the popular social networking site based out of the Netherlands. Raymond and the boys have really built up a nice community - they are just about to hit 1mm users. Small in comparison to the US based myspace and friendster, etc but they are on the path of fast growth. On my last trip to Amsterdam back in February they were just creeping up on 60,000 users. Nice growth guys.

The 2.0 version is hot. Hyves offers ALOT, SMS messaging, photo sharing, blogging, profiling, messaging, agendas, polling and MUCH MUCH more. Of course one of the key features is the creation of a Hyve :-) small sub-social groups of like minded people. For example the Wicked Jazz Sounds hyve, all things WJS. I mentioned in Trend Radio that Hyves is the only social networking site that I go back to all the time. I dont think there is one other person in Baltimore who is a member at the current time, but I have a nice network of friends in Amsterdam and London and now in Peru :-) and its growing. Good stuff. They just added a “New York” tab to to interface and are beginning their rollout in various cities. If you join, look me up and link up. Sign up and check it out!

2 Responses to “Hyves 2.0”

  1. raymond Says:

    :-D good to see you’re still with us! :-) how are things?


  2. Karika Says:

    Hi.. I’m one of Hyves members.. frankly, that site is perfect.. but about 10 months ago,it was closed for egyptian and middle-eastern users…we dunno y.. although it is working in other places..
    i triued to contact raymond and the others but i recieved no reply..
    so plz tell me if it will be opened again or not..and plz tell me the reason for what happened..

    thanx a lot

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