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The Rise of Podcasting

Tuesday, July 19th, 2005

Mark Kingdon, CEO of Organic, writes an interesting piece today for his ClickZ column titled “Changing Channels and the Rise of Podcasting.” He talks about how marketers are beginning to embrace the medium:

“The market is very, very new, but early-adopter advertisers are jumping in relatively quickly, testing a variety of formats and ideas.”

We have […]

Trend Radio#11: Pod Tech, Live 8, Vulgaria

Saturday, July 16th, 2005

Trend Radio #11 is up. A shorter podcast than usual. Todays cast features new a new intro and some sweeps and tags by my main man Andy Mueller. I rap about iTunes, Podcast Alley and the recent Live 8 webcast by AOL. We then dig into some Vulgaria, a Baltimore based power pop quartet. […]

iTunes is #1

Saturday, July 16th, 2005

I was checking out my logs and feed stats this morning and learned that iTunes now represents the biggest client accessing my weblog. I have been noticing the lift over the past few weeks, and it has now surpassed Bloglines as the number one reader / client where people are accessing The Trend Junkie. People […]

Future of Music: Tuneage Consumption

Friday, July 15th, 2005

Todd Storch points to a great eMarketer article that shows the clear shift in the way listeners consume music. In a nutshell, as you may expect, it shows a drop in radio and an increase in digital tuneage. Not too much of a shocker, but how fast will those numbers grow?

This no doubt confirms the […]

No Fear

Friday, July 15th, 2005

Cuban on Podcasting

Friday, July 15th, 2005

Mark Cuban has added a second post on his BlogMaverick in reponse to the feedback and comments he received on his initial post where he discusses why he thinks the podcasting phenomenon will run its course and not be economically viable, stating:

“Creating your own podcast and trying to make a business out of it is […]

The iPod Flea

Wednesday, July 13th, 2005

More great iPod fun, if you haven’t seen this one yet make sure you check it out :-) Introducing the iPod Flea, the worlds smallest mp3 player! per adrants.

Odeo is Live

Sunday, July 10th, 2005

Odeo has opened its doors to a public beta launch. Check it out. I wrote a brief review of some of the key aspects last month. The “Listen” and “Sync” are up and running, the “Create” (publishing) module is coming soon. Have fun.

Performance Podvertising

Sunday, July 10th, 2005

This is a very interesting concept by an Orlando based start up who is attempting to create a performance based ad model for podcasters. Check them out at PodcastSPOTS. The idea is to give podcasters a way to generate revenue from their content and also be able to use podsafe music in their creations, the […]

Can’t Find It On Google?

Saturday, July 9th, 2005

A quick HANL post from the sphere. There is a new site dedicated to posting about things that you can’t find on the almighty Google. Check out Can’t Find It On Google and share your gripe.