Cool Tools

Here are two interesting tools that I found on a couple of the blogs I am subscribed to:

First up, is a really interesting launch called Feed Digest. I had recently subscribed to Peter Coopers blog, and although my eye would catch a post here and there, honestly I never really dug in to his world. I finally did this week, and was delighted to learn that Peter is not only a really interesting dude, but he has just launched a cool product dubbed Feed Digest, a service which lets you mix RSS and Atom feeds into JavaScript or PHP to put on your blog, or into a new aggregated RSS or Atom feed. Essentially, it allows you to put the contents of single or multiple feeds on your website without any coding experience. Good stuff!

Second up, is Talk Digger, a new app by Frederick Giasson. Talk Digger is an engine that allows you to search on a specific URL and see whos talking about it in the blogosphere. Its a meta search engine that basically asks all of the major engines “who is linking to this URL?” You can then see the results in a comparison format. Nice job Frederick. Good stuff all around. Found this one per Scoble.

2 Responses to “Cool Tools”

  1. supa Says:

    That feed digest — what a great app. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Greg Says:

    Good stuff! I dig it! Thanks for stopping by. - Greg

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