Thoughts on Working at Home

Ian linked to a great post by Christopher Hawkins on the subject of working from home. I found it to be a very interesting and accurate read on the topic. Being a serial entreprenuer, I have spent alot of time working from home in my various ventures. My most recent business allows me to work from home in the morning on a regular basis, but requires a good amount of office face time, which I personally enjoy now. Working like this is a nice mix, and allows me to split up my time in different locations pending whats happening from day to day. Previously, I was working from home all of the time, and that experience allows me to appreciate alot of the insight that Christopher has to say on this topic.

If you work from home or are thinking of starting a business and working from home, I highly encourage you to check Christophers comments on each of the 7 points illustrated below:

1) If your family is unwilling or unable to respect your work time, you are in deep dip.
2) If you are unable to respect your own work time, you are in deep dip.
3) Dressing the part is a big help.
4) Getting OUT of the home office with regularity is a must.
5) Getting IN to the regular office with regularity is a must, too (if you have a regular office).
6) Don’t skimp on tools!
7) Set expectations for yourself.

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