Trick App: A Long Link Solution

Here is a very practical application of technology. The best offerings to me are ones that solve specific problems or issues. Behold URL123, the easy way to send long URL’s to people. This is a problem for many folks, especially me. I often try to send clients or colleagues URL’s via email and inevitably someone replies with “the link doesn’t work”

Simply put,URL123 offers an easy way to convert long URL’s into short links. The service has many other additional features that you can take advantage of as well, check it out if you need to regularly send long links to others. And yes, its a free service.

via Peter Cooper

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  1. Greg Says:

    Just like
    But URL123 has a nicer layout :P

  2. Greg Says:

    I can’t stand comment SPAM :-) (see above comment)
    But thats relevant comment spam :-)

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